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August 5, 2009
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By R. S.

I groan as I release another fart that roars out of my giant ass.  The room trembles and the guys tending to me just chuckle softly.  It's nothing new.  The stench has permeated the walls of the house and every room stinks heavily of me and my gas.  Everything has been moved from behind my titanic rear end after I blew up big enough to fart over furniture.  Though the fattening stimulants my lover gives me surely don't help with that.  When I was smaller- much smaller- I was embarrassed whenever I passed gas.  Now I'm encouraged to by the three men in my house.  It's not like I can control it anyway.

After all I'm a 1500 pound man with massive proportions.  My flabby gut is wide and sticks out feet away from me, down past my knees.  My tits are enormous and wrap around my fat body, lifting my enormous arms.  My thighs are gigantic.  Each one is probably bigger than some little 400 pounder.  My face is bloated and chubby, goatee stopping neatly on my real chin.  It frames the giant double one hanging below it.  Though my ass... Well that's another story.  It sticks out a good 3 feet from my back and is well over 6 wide.  It's what I'm most proud of.

I fart again, massively.  The force shakes my fat and the walls tremble with it's mighty rumble.  The two, stocky men rubbing my gut down with lotion just smile and encourage me to do another.  I smile back at them and let my gut gurgle and groan before my ass expels another enormous fart.  As the room shakes, my boyfriend walks in, fanning his nose playfully.  He's not like me at all- not physically anyway.  He's got a tight, well toned body.  Not too muscular, but still plenty strong.  He smiles at me, brown eyes shining and places a hand on my gut.  He's up to something.

"Hungry, babe?" he asks, knowing the answer.

"Of course," I say in my deep, thick voice.

"Good.  I'm in the mood to go out."

I raise an eyebrow and look at the two men who finish with the lotion.  Go out?  I barely move as it is.  I get help from the two men to get up and go to the bathroom, the pool, maybe the kitchen if I'm feeling extra gluttonous, or the bed.  Besides, I barely have any clothes and what I do have isn't suitable for going out in.  As I'm about to ask, my boyfriend just chuckles and has the two aids grab some boxes.  They're pretty big and are only marked with the logo of the delivery company that shipped them.  The tape tears and they pull out what appears to be cloth.

"I even got you a present," my boyfriend says, taking the black fabric.

He unfurls it and has the men take a corner.  They walk away from each other, pulling out the fabric until I can recognize what it is.  It's the biggest pair of dress pants I've ever seen.  The waist is elastic too- a sign.  They drop it down so all three of them can hold up an enormous steel blue button down.  I can feel my manhood twitch as I see the enormous clothing.  It's far too exciting to see the sizes that had to be ordered for me.  They set down the shirt and the two aids each get under a fat arm.  They're pretty big themselves, but under my arms they're tiny.  I grunt and groan, farting massively from the effort.  My flab wobbles with the room and the men under me brace themselves to prevent me from falling.  I just smile and rise up to my full 6'6".  Not only do I dwarf everyone in the room with me weight, but my height makes me look like a giant king.  My boyfriend grabs a pair of enormous briefs and I lift a fat foot up and step into them.  I've done this before so it's not as hard as it seems.  The men take a side and pull up the briefs as I'm situated completely.  Of course, my boyfriend has to risk hauling them up from behind.  They get caught under my giant asscheeks and being behind me is quite dangerous at my size.  I grunt and try to hold my fart until the underwear are up.  My boyfriend pats my side as a signal and I sigh as another thundering fart rumbles out.  Next is the pants.  We do the same routine, but have the pants pulled up over my gargantuan gut.  I don't like them like this, but I need the support.  The pants are pulled up without a hitch and fastened neatly in the front.  I help pull the shirt on and let everyone else do up the buttons.  The shirt bunches at the shelf of my butt and hangs low over my gut.  They go to fix the back but I hold them back.

"I like it like that," I say with a smirk.

Most men of my size are at other's beck and call, but I'm the one in charge.  I waddle heavily to a reinforced couch.  I swear the room shakes under my heavy steps.  I turn and slowly lower my mass down, groaning happily as the room trembles once again under me.  I hold my feet out as my socks are pulled on and my extra big, extra wide canvas shoes are put on.  They offer me enough support to walk and enough room to be comfortable, but I enjoy them for their style.  Now I'm dressed and it's time to go to the car.  The men get under my arms again and I heave myself up.  I grunt and shift my weight toward the quadruple sized door.  My fat hips brush the sides and get wedged a bit.  I grunt and the men step back to push on my pillowy ass.  I grunt and blast out another fart, the men grabbing my waist band as I do.  I just smile and am freed from the door thanks to my powerful gas.

I lumber out to the van.  The trunk door is already up and ready for me.  I stand in front of it and lean forward, making the vehicle dip.  Everyone pushes on my ass again, trying to shove me in.  The black fabric, clad butt blocks all view of everything as I squeeze and wiggle my way into the back.  There's plenty of struggling and my face gets plenty red.  I can feel the sweat forming as I heave and haul my hugeness into the back of the once roomy van.  It isn't comfortable really.  All the back seats have been removed, but I'm wedged in with little room to move.  As the door is shut and jammed against my ass, I grunt and fart again.  The van instantly stinks and the trunk door rattles.  It almost blows open, but everyone keeps it down as they hear and feel my gas thunder.  I sigh happily and my gut growls.  We have to get moving.

The front door opens and my partner gets in.  He shuts the door and turns back to face me, smirking.

"If you think I'm rolling down the windows, you've got another thing coming," he said as he started the engine.

The two big aids got into their car, no longer able to fit in the van.  Then again there were only 2 seats left since I took up all of the room.  They pulled out first and we followed.  The van was sagging deeply under my weight as we drove.  Soon we'd need something much bigger and stronger if I was to be transported anywhere.  As I thought about having to ride in the back of a much larger truck, I farted deeply.  If was muffled a bit by my immense tonnage that was smashed against the trunk door, but it was still loud enough to be heard outside.  Though the smell wasn't the least bit pleasant... at least not to anyone but us two in the van.  I saw my boyfriend take a peak at me in the mirror as my fart  subsided.  The whole van had been vibrating and it felt good.  After a few more minutes we pulled up to a somewhat small, trendy restaurant.  I looked around the parking lot and saw very few cars.  Maybe they weren't busy?

"Normally I'd want you out with other people around," said my boyfriend as he parked the rank van.  "But tonight I wanted you to get whatever you wanted.  The only people here tonight are us, the chefs, the owner, and the waiters.  You can have as much as you want and do as you please."

I smiled.  I was in control yet again.  Good.  I felt a bit of cool air rush in as the door was opened behind me.  Me enormous ass was now free from it's confines.  I grunted and pushed off the sides of the van to slide out.  This was the tough part.  I heard the rattling of wheels and metallic clunks.  Someone had come out to join us apparently.  I felt the strong hands of the aids grab onto my sides and pull as I pushed.  They grunted and their muscles tensed as they guided me as best the could onto a cart.  The cart was far too low to the ground though so I ended up in a pretty bad position.  My fat legs were stuck in the air, still in the van, and my immense ass was crushing the cart.  My gut and tits were squished against my face as everyone moved my legs to get me out.  I sighed, relieved, as everything settled and the door closed.

"That was tough," I said to everyone.

A somewhat pudgy, young man in chef's whites walked in front of me.  He was cute.  His eyes had grown big and full of awe as he saw me, a smile creeping onto his chubby face.  A chubby hand was held out and I lifted my huge arm to take it.  My hand dwarfed his as I shook it and he seemed even more pleased.

"Its great to finally meet you.  I'm Kyle, the executive chef and owner of this place.  I'm really excited for you to be joining us tonight," the pudgy chef said, a tad nervous sounding.

"It's great to be here.  Now someone help me up so I can get in this place," I said, looking to the aids.

Normally I'd be happy to be wheeled in, but I wanted to impress our gracious host.  The guys got under my arms and helped me up with red faces and perspiration forming from all the work they had to do with me today.  I started for the doors and was stopped.  Kyle told me to go around the back since the doors in front were nowhere near big enough for me to get through.  I nodded, fat chin squishing, and waddled heavily to the back.  Everyone walked behind me as I did so for two reasons.  One was to be in a good position to catch me, the other was to watch the huge planets that were my ass shift up and down heavily and bounce with each step.  Of course, being there was dangerous with my flatulence, but it was a good risk to take.  I got to the back door, sweating now and ready to sit down.  The door was rather big but then again so were my hips.  My boyfriend and the aids walked forward to open them for me leaving Kyle behind.  I got a mischievous smirk on my face that the guys noticed.  They merely looked back at Kyle as if to say, "Sorry" as my body started to wobble from the roar of one of my inhuman farts sounded.  I could hear birds fly away, a car alarm went off, and I could feel the immense wind flow forth, knowing that Kyle was probably going to be knocked on his chubby rear.  I saw everyone start to chuckle as the fart subsided and turned my bulk around.  Kyle's neatly done hair was blown back and he indeed had been knocked over onto the pavement.  He got up and dusted himself off, nose wrinkled a bit.  Even outside it stunk.

"Sorry.  Forgot to warn you," I chuckled before rumbling up the ramp and toward the door.

I squeezed in through the wide loading door.  I noticed the sides were somewhat moist... It was oil.  Kyle had been warned apparently.  I just smiled and slid in, my new shirt now with a bit of oil on it.  It didn't matter though since it was already pretty sweaty.  The waiters were inside, two pulling in a wide, sturdy looking bench.  Wood though.  It wouldn't last the night.  They were all pretty lean or muscular.  Nice eyecandy really, but what did they think of me?  My thought seemed to have been read as they all stopped what they were preparing to look at me with wide smiles.  This Kyle knew what he was doing.

"We heard that fart," a dark haired, muscular one said as he leaned against the wall closest to the door.

I looked to my side, fat bunching up, and saw him.  He was smiling, arms folded across his chest.  He was about 5'8" so he was shorter than me- big shock.  However he was quite happy to see me it seemed so I took his little comment as a compliment.  The two that had been carrying in the bench finished nestling it in the middle of the cleared out dining room and motioned me forward.  I waddled forward hearing pots and glasses clink together as the ground shook under each step.  I just smiled and lowered myself down onto the bench.  The waiters watched silently as my giant ass and thighs spread out hugely, covering the bench completely.  I shuffled a bit on the bench before letting out another bomb of a fart.  I felt the bench tremble under me and the floor vibrate under my feet.  Around me a few men coughed and cheered making me smile.  This was going to be a good night.

"Grant told me all of your favorites," Kyle said, walking up to me.  "And you get to eat all of it."

My gut growled in response and I gave it a slow rub.  It was time to feast.  My nose twitched as I smelled something other than my stench.  Waiters poured out of the kitchen with carts loaded with food.  Grilled meats and veggies, giant bowls and pans of pasta, every type of bread, bowls and bowls of baked beans, woodfired pizzas, and gallons of soft drinks.  I could feel the drool forming in the corners of my plump lips.  I licked them and tried to decide what I wanted first.  I pulled the pasta cart closer to me and peered over my options.  I didn't care how heavy a dish was, I wanted it all.  My eyes fell upon a rather thick looking alfredo.  Noodles, chicken, and broccoli all bathed in that thick cream sauce... I couldn't resist.  There were some tongs to serve it with, but I quickly tossed those aside.  I loved being fed, but only after I was too tired to feed myself.  It was getting tougher to do the bigger I got, but I didn't care.  Leaning a bit, I grabbed the big ceramic bowl of pasta with a fat hand and brought it to my gut.  I took it in both hands, raised it up, and opened wide.  I could hear little gasps or squeals around me and felt all of the eyes watching me.  Tipping the bowl to my open mouth, I let the delicious, warm meal slid in.  Sauce dribbled out the side of my mouth and I barely paused to chew.  The slopping of the thick sauce echoed in the silence as I gorged.  My shirt was getting white splatters on it from the dripping sauce, but I could care less.  I set the big bowl down on the cart again once it was empty.  My mouth and chins were a mess, but I stopped the guys that came forward to clean me.  My gut felt heavier and I belched long, loud, and deep.  The eruption carried out throughout the restaurant, making men smile and I was getting plenty excited.  I grabbed a bowl of spaghetti and huge meat balls next.

"Can't swallow these," I joked, picking one up with my pudgy fingers.

The meatballs were like grapefruits.  This Kyle knew how to cook.  I took a big bite out of one and moaned a bit.  It was juicy and perfectly seasoned.  The sauce around the outside got all over my mouth and I was in heaven.  One by one the delicious meatballs were devoured and weighing my gut down some more.  I belched massively again, but still felt a bit bloated.  I grunted and leaned to the side a bit to let out a fart that even surprised me.  It rumbled out deeply, sending my fat in waves and the floor bouncing.  I sighed happily as the stench wafted around the guys.  Their jokes to each other were lost on me as I started to gulp down the rest of the pasta as I had done earlier.  I set the empty bowl down and instantly grabbed the next.  I needed more...


Hours later I had men on either side of me.  I had tired of feeding myself halfway through so I had waiters take turns feeding me.  They were all too excited to do so- I could feel it poking into my blubbery sides.  My shirt was bulging around me, buttons straining to hold.  My pants had stretched as best as they could as my gut tried to contain the pounds of food I had consumed.  I sat there, food staining my shirt and smeared around my face.  During my feeding I had fired off a few good farts and the as the foods were consumed, their delicious scents were quickly killed off by my stink.  I groaned and belched for a good ten seconds, a couple buttons bursting off of my shirt and clattering away from me.  I motioned for my pants to be undone and the nearest waiter jumped up and unfastened them.  I groaned in pleasure as the zipper shot down and my bare gut was visible.  My eyes rolled back and my eyelids shut as I farted in ecstasy.  My fat rolled and waved as my gigantic rear end expelled a huge amount of gas.  I smiled wide, mouth ajar as the fart drew on and on.  Ten seconds turned to fifteen as the roar of my fart carried on.  Men behind me moved to be in front of me, afraid of being blasted away.  Finally after 30 seconds I had finished.  We could all hear the bench groan and the room settle a bit.  The smell was intense.  Men fanned their noses and tried to escape it, but they were trapped.

"Someone get right behind him.  You got more in there, right big fella?" a waiter asked me.

"Of course I do.  But you don't want to be stuck back there," I said lazily before chuckling a bit.

"I'll do it," said the same guy that had complimented me earlier.

I smiled a bit at him as he walked closer.  He gave my gut a pat and I belched again.  Next thing I knew he was gasping at the sight of my huge rear end.  As I said, I was proud of it.  Both cheeks were just massive, soft, globes of fat.  I could crush cars with it.  Elephants would be jealous of me.  I waited until he was situated.  They told me he was seated with his legs under the bench.  He reached up and grabbed my waistband before wrapping his legs around the legs of the bench.  His face was right in the middle of my ass and I grinned.  He was nuts.

"I'm not gonna go easy on you, little man," I said, feeling the pressure build up.

"Good.  I don't want you to," he said, giving my right cheek a bit of a nuzzle.

My boyfriend just smiled cheekily from his spot in front of me.  He had done this before, but ever since I reached 1500, he'd been a bit more wary.  The appetite stimulants and weight gaining drinks he had and still gives me had forced my body to create a lot of excess gas.  As I grew, so did the intensity of the gas.  I shifted a bit, feeling his face against my ass as I relaxed.  I closed my eyes and gave a slight push.  The gas shifted and was begging to be released.  With no notice at all, the fart roared forth mightily.  I groaned from the pleasure of the enormous fart.  It reverberated off of the walls and I could swear they bulged.  I could feel his grip tighten on my waistband as I farted.

"Damn, look at him!"

"It's like he's in a friggin' wind tunnel!"

"Damn that stink has to be terrible right there..."

I could barely hear them over the immense power of my fart.  Around 20 seconds passed and it died down.  I sighed and nodded approvingly.  It was a good one alright.  The waiter pulled himself up using my waistband and walked back around me.  He was walking a little funny and there was a slightly noticeable spot on his crotch where he had obviously shot his load.  His hair was a mess and his shirt looked ravished.  When he leaned down to kiss my cheek I could smell my gas on him.  Now that was a interesting experience.

"So how was it, babe?" my boyfriend asked, crossing his arms across his chest and smiling.

"Oh just awesome," I said, smiling wide, cheeks dimpling.

"Let's get you home and have some real fun," he said, leaning over my huge gut to kiss my messy lips.

"I think I like that idea," I said, belching deeply in his face.

Hopefully I could do this again.
This is a story I wrote a while ago. It's not for everyone, so please read with caution. This story includes: gay characters, extreme weight, a massive butt, flatulence, and lots of things that can't ever happen.
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sailormoon4u Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
I'm sorry talon wing i half to ask how many feet does his sexy belly really hang off that gorgeous body
TalonWing Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
I'm not sure on the exact number. Several feet, I'm sure.
WeightGainGirl Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Gah. I love this. <3
TalonWing Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Thanks haha XD
WeightGainGirl Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
No problem.
If he were real, I'd love to meet him:3
imogenbakerbell Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
XD This was totally weird but I liked it...Didn't think I was really one for guy-on-guy stuff or major flatulence but I found this very enjoyable - it's humorous and well-written.
TalonWing Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
Thank you! I did try to make it a bit funny as well so even if you don't really like the content much, you could still get a chuckle out of it.

And you're not the first person to say you've liked it despite not liking the content so that really makes me happy!
AzureAllure Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
You are an ecellent writer. I know this because I am not a huge fan of flatulance, immobility, and prefer girls, But i enjoyed this story. It was hilarious, and pretty sexy too.
TalonWing Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story even though it wasn't what you usually look at. :D
CanYouFeelSora921 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
XD this was hillarious, gassy, and awsome XD the only part that scared me was the gay dudes O_o other than that, it was good...
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